On The Move: A New Office and Guesthouse

Like the rest of the World, our working business model was impacted by Covid-19. Overnight we moved from an office-based work model to a full-time work from home model. This seamless transition to WFH allowed to us to deliver uninterrupted quality service to our clients during a period of uncertainly.

As we learn to live with the virus, we are now working towards the implementation of a hybrid working model for our staff that would see them return to the office in some capacity, whilst allowing them the flexibility to spend some time working from home.

The first step towards this was choosing the right office…

A New Office for a New Start

We wanted to ensure our new office complimented our expansion and brand relaunch whilst acting as a central hub to accommodate how we work best as a team. A lot of time, investment and effort has gone into making sure our office space provides the perfect working and collaborative environment.

Welcome to our new office

This includes a state-of-the-art-office set up located in the largest office micro-market of the city. It offers excellent public transport and airport connectivity as well as world-class amenities. From meeting rooms, open auditoriums, gyms, cricket pitch, salon, lounge space, and smart stores it has everything needed when staff are on or off the clock.

The Height of Luxury for Clients

Our rhythm of engagement with clients and staff sets us apart from other offshore operations. Part of that rhythm is ensuring our clients can work side by side with their staff in our Hyderabad office. To encourage this engagement on a regular basis, we offer our Guest House facility in Hyderabad, free of charge to all our clients.

Our new Guesthouse is part of Hyderabad’s premier apartment complex which is located in the heart of the business and entertainment district of Hyderabad. The four bedroom, four ensuite apartment provides the ultimate luxury experience for all of our clients and is equipped with a Smart TV and high-speed Wi-Fi internet.

Guests will also be well looked after by our housekeeper and cook and will have 24-hour access to our company driver who have all been with our organisation over 10 years.

Whilst being located close to Hyderabad’s best bars, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals and golf courses, the apartment complex also has its own amazing amenities including its own supermarket, medical centre, pharmacy, walking track, library, cricket nets, kids playgrounds, Temple, coffee shop, restaurants, hair salon, spa, tennis court, billiards room, cinema, gymnasium, squash courts and pool.

We look forward to sharing the new office with our team and clients alike. Want to visit
us? Get in touch to book here.

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