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The Talent Formula Story

Our approach to offshore talent differs significantly from many who operate in a similar space.

We know the pain of traditional offshoring – we lived it. Our founder, Michael O’Sullivan, helped build PKFs Sydney’s outsourcing model to $10M AUD annually, seeing firsthand the pitfalls for clients. Driven to find a better way, he relocated to India, gaining unparalleled market knowledge.

In 2014, Talent Formula was born. Our Talent as a Service model was forged from those frustrating experiences, addressing the challenges through tailored talent solutions and cultural understanding.

The Talent Formula Team

Founded in Australia, Grown in India

Our team spans the globe on a mission to help you unlock the potential in your business. With a focus on one industry, we live and breathe hospitality every day right alongside you.

Michael O’Sullivan
Executive Director & CEO
Michael O’Sullivan
Michael O’Sullivan is the visionary CEO and Executive Director of Talent Formula, boasting 15 years of exceptional leadership in outsourced accounting and financial services at PKF Sydney, Australia. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Talent Formula in India, leveraging his deep understanding of the industry’s challenges to drive business growth in partnership with clients.
Kranthi Bommu
Chief Operating Officer
Kranthi Bommu
Kranthi Bommu, as the Chief Operating Officer, has been instrumental in Talent Formula’s success for over five years, with 18 years of expertise in business management and operations. His strategic focus on operations, branding, talent acquisition, and learning development has been pivotal in our operational excellence and growth.
Deepika Mani
Human Resources Manager
Deepika Mani
Deepika Mani, our dedicated HR Manager, brings a wealth of HR expertise and a passion for creating a positive workplace culture. Her comprehensive approach to HR operations, from recruitment to employee engagement, underscores her commitment to excellence and the success of Talent Formula.
Shubhra Suman
General Manager Recruitment
Shubhra Suman
Shubhra Suman, the General Manager of Talent Acquisition, with her rich background in recruitment and HR from prestigious firms like EY and Deloitte, leads our strategic hiring efforts. Her expertise ensures our team aligns with client needs, enhancing our workforce’s performance and client satisfaction.
Hannah Freeman
Head of Talent
Hannah Freeman
Hannah Freeman, Head of Talent, combines her Australian expertise in People and Culture with over a decade of experience working with Indian organizations. She excels in developing tailored talent acquisition and retention strategies, ensuring our team’s cultural alignment and high-quality staffing.
Dheeraj Kumar
IT Manager
Dheeraj Kumar
Dheeraj Kumar, our IT Manager, ensures seamless connectivity and performance of our IT infrastructure. With a focus on the technology testing phase of projects, his leadership provides comprehensive IT support, ensuring efficient operations across our teams.
Making a Difference

Talent Formula's Commitment to Social Responsibility

We believe success is measured not just by profits, but by the positive impact we make on the world. Our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has earned us the prestigious Outstanding CSR Project Award for 2024.

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