Formula Advisory Network Expands & Relaunches as ‘Talent Formula’ With New Look For 2022

There’s no better time to refresh and start anew than in the new year, and we’ve taken the opportunity to do just that.

Many will know us as Formula Advisory Network which has been our namesake since we established in 2014. But as we enter 2022, we wanted to make sure we’re accurately reflecting our values, mission, and the incredible experience and talent that has underpinned our business for over a decade.

Hello, Talent Formula

We chose the name Talent Formula because it rings true to our ethos and the services we’ve been providing for the last few years. The name reflects the combination of extraordinary talent we source and the use of our tried and tested formula that we’ve perfected to help accountants and small businesses.

An outside to match

As part of the rebrand, we’re excited to be able to share an updated fresh website and matching logo. We’ve stuck to our foundations but opted for design and logo that is simple, modern, and seamless, which is exactly how clients feel when working with us.

More than a name, we’re on a mission…

Our extensive experience has led us to take a different approach and separate us from other offshore outsourcing business models. Instead, we’re a company that places people at its centre and as a result, we’re an employer of choice with high internal engagement at 87% and low attrition under 10%. 

Using a unique talent-as-a-service model allows you to employ an offshore team that gives you scalability, operational flexibility, and access to accountants across various roles and functions. But it also allows you to retain control and ownership of the day-to-day in line with your own workflow requirements. 

With this relaunch, we’re on a mission to become the missing link for businesses to achieve their goals, which is why we turn high-quality talented individuals into an extension of our client’s existing team.

So you can focus on what you do best, and outsource the rest!

But we’ve kept the same high standards

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Something that is very firmly staying the same is our highly qualified and talented pool of over 300,000 chartered accountants supporting our financial and accounting outsourcing services. Our robust six-stage recruitment process that we have uniquely honed over the years ensures that we always attract and retain the most high-quality talent. 

Executive Director, and founder here at Talent Formula, Michael O’Sullivan approves of the relaunch, particularly with his passion for people and placing them in the forefront, echoing the sentiment of maintaining high standards. 

“Our essence of exceptional talent remains the same at Talent Formula, so even though there are very few changes to anything operationally I’m thrilled that the shift of our identity towards a people-focused business will now come across at every digital touchpoint with our clients, and the public” he said.

Talent Formula: How can we help YOU?

With access to a massive talent pool of over 300,000 chartered accountants, we can help solve the unique challenges faced by accounting firms and small businesses with our Talent as a Service Business Model. Everything from skills shortages at any job role level or function in your area, to high labour costs or hiring and management burden. Our talent is cost-effective and has a high retention rate making it more valuable. 

We can support you with hiring, onboarding, and management support for the talent that we place with you so you can immediately scale and focus on your business without impact.

With our expanding team, services, and relaunch, we’re excited to put this into action in 2022. If you want to know if outsourcing is right for you or want support, learn more here:

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