Talent Formula Wins AIBCF Sustainability & CSR Award

We’re pleased to announce that Talent Formula has been honoured with the AIBCF – Sustainability and CSR Award for 2024. This award, presented by the All India Business & Community Foundation (AIBCF), celebrates our commitment to impactful sustainable business practices for our CSR efforts.

At the National Conclave in New Delhi, held at the India Habitat Centre on February 15, our Chief Operating Officer, Kranthi Bommu received this award on behalf of the Talent Formula team, marking a significant recognition among leading organisations for our innovative CSR initiatives, “One Community Day” and “Lend a Hand”. These projects represent our dedication to corporate social responsibility and our efforts to integrate these practices into our business.

Innovative Initiatives for Community Impact

Our “Lend a Hand” initiative, launched in September 2023, and assisted individuals with limb loss. By educating our team about prosthetics and providing prosthetic limbs at no cost, we significantly improved the quality of life for recipients, enhancing their independence and mobility.

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In November 2023, “One Community Day” aimed to improve local schools’ sanitation and water access. Through hands-on engagement and the installation of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit, we ensured safe drinking water for children, alongside promoting hygiene and health through educational workshops.

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Measurable Impact and Transformation

Our CSR projects have made a tangible difference. “Lend a Hand” which assisted individuals with limb loss, has provided 80 individuals with prosthetic limbs, fostering inclusivity within the community. Meanwhile, “One Community Day” has transformed local schools’ access to clean water and sanitation, benefiting 1730 students and staff, with a special focus on improving facilities for young girls.

A Commitment to Sustainable Success

This recognition from the AIBCF represents our ongoing commitment to CSR and sustainable business practices. Talent Formula remains dedicated to making a positive impact, demonstrating that corporate success and community welfare are inextricably linked.

We extend our thanks to the AIBCF, our dedicated team, and everyone involved in making these initiatives a success. Here’s to continuing our journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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