IABCA Finalist Excellence in Partnerships

We are excited to announce that Talent Formula has been nominated as a Finalist for the 2024 Excellence in Partnerships Award by the India-Australia Business and Community Alliance (IABCA), a recognition that underscores our commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships between India and Australia in the business world.

The IABCA’s Role in Cultural Diplomacy

The IABCA has been pivotal in cultivating cultural diplomacy and enhancing growth between India and Australia. Through bridging connections across people, organisations, and businesses, the IABCA has significantly contributed to strengthening international relations and business opportunities.

A Competitive Field

The nominations for this year’s IABCA Awards were highly competitive, featuring over 400 nominees across various sectors. It is an honour to be recognised amongst such a prestigious group of organisations and leaders for our impact.


Our Contribution to Strategic Partnerships

Our nomination for the Excellence in Partnerships Award acknowledges our dedication to establishing and nurturing strategic partnerships. These partnerships are central to our business model, driving our success, and substantially contributing to the dynamic business community across India and Australia.

Looking Forward to the Awards Ceremony

As we anticipate the awards ceremony, scheduled for 15 August at Parliament House in Canberra, we extend our thanks to our team and partners.

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