10 Mistakes Companies Make When Recruiting Accounting Talent & How to Fix Them


Ever hired the wrong person and regretted it?

Recruitment can be a time-consuming exercise that leads some managers to see it as a quick ‘tick-and-flick’ exercise. But the reality is, recruitment is both an art and a science and the cost of getting it wrong can be up to 60% of the annual salary of the hire!
With several decades of experience, we are going to share the most common mistakes we see when people are recruiting and hiring accounting talent, as well as our ‘tricks of the trade’ for truly getting it right.

" There’s a reason our retention rates are 90% and we are an employer of choice and we’re going to share them with you "


Recruitment is an art form that is based in a lot of scientific process.

When you hire the right person for your business, you’re saving time, energy, and getting the most value long-term. That’s why it’s so important to get the hiring and recruiting process right!

After 15+ years, we’ve perfected our robust recruitment process to find the top 2% of accounting talent that also give some of the highest retention rates in the industry. We not only lift some of the hiring and management burden from your business but work as an extension of your team providing an ongoing rhythm of engagement with the talent we help you find.

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