Our Formula for Success: Living Our Values

Our company values are important to us. They embody how we behave and communicate, the processes and procedures we set, and more importantly, the output we deliver for our clients. At its core, our excellent delivery and client satisfaction are thanks to our team and the culture we continue to foster. We have our own ‘Company Formula’ for success in the form of our charter. To achieve this success, we are always looking towards how we can align our behaviour to these values.

Our Formula for Success

If we distilled it down, our core values are professionalism, authenticity, discipline, and quality. Behaving in line with our charter is how we ensure that our company culture is strong and positive. That’s why we encourage value-aligned behaviours across all teams, to ensure that as a business we are truly living our values.

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Living our Values

To ensure that our values are a living, breathing part of our business, we take steps to recognise values-aligned behaviours in the workplace. In team meetings we share examples of times when our colleague’s behaviour is in line with our charter values, to consistently reinforce the kind of behaviours we want to see.

We asked our most recent employees of the month how they put their values into practice. Below are quotes from our team, sharing how they actively display values-aligned behaviours at work:

“I feel Talent Formula gives staff career opportunities so they can excel and exceed: I started as a Driver and have been nurtured to grow into the HR team. Accountability plays an important role to me – I feel like Talent Formula is “Mine” and this word has changed my approach towards work and helps me achieve results. Quality and Communication play an important role in how I build rapport across the team and in the work that I deliver. I always aim to go beyond the line of duty – and do it with a smile.” – Sayeed Mohammed, HR Executive & March 2022 Employee of the Month

“I would like to sum up the secret of my success as ‘Hard work + Communication’. I am no different, just like others I have given 100% to the work I do. I ensure the tasks are completed (of course with the help of my team!), however probable reason for my success is open communication. It is equally important to bridge off all communication gaps, as it is to complete the tasks. Constant communication is key, as is being open to constructive feedback. And most importantly, support from management gave me the confidence to take up new tasks.” – Divya Sekar, Quantaco Client Lead & April 2022 Employee of the Month

“Having a professional attitude towards work and focusing on the best solution to a problem. I really appreciate management for their support and acceptance of innovative ideas.” – Dheeraj Kuma, IT Support, May 2022 Employee of the Month

“Being a good team player and using effective communication has always helped me meet my deadlines. When working on client deliverables, accountability plays a major role. Also, displaying professionalism helps me achieve my goals.” – Abhishek Debnath, Team Lead, PKF Sydney BAS, June 2022 Employee of the Month

We’re thrilled to get this kind of feedback from the team about how they put our values into practice, because it shows just how integral they are to our culture. That’s why we consider our values a key part of the success we have found!

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