Celebrating Eid with Team Talent Formula

For those who may not know, Eid marks the end of the holy month of fasting known as Ramadan. But it’s so much more than that to many of our team members. We are more than just colleagues, we’re a family and celebrating the Eid festival together reminded us just how important having a culturally diverse community is.

It’s important to us that we not only recognise the important celebrations but to share what they mean to us and our team. We felt no one could do this better than our team members themselves so allow us to hand over to two of our analysts who have been gracious enough to give us a sneak-peek into their Eid celebrations. 

Bringing Unity, and Nostalgia

Anil Sai Tirumani, an Analyst in the PKF Botswana Audit Team shared some of his experiences:

“Being a Hyderabadi, Eid is not just a one-day event for us. It is a whole month of celebrating. It all starts with breakfast (typically it is lentils and rice served with meat curry) but only before sunrise, as that’s when the fasting starts.

Then, in the evening when the fasting ends we have available snacks like green chilli and potato fritters with the benchmark dish of Ramadan, Haleem. Haleem is not just a dish to us, it’s an emotion and nostalgia. Some of my fondest memories of Eid come from my childhood. One that stands out was my aunt, Raziya Begum who has such humility and would cook for all of her neighbours. She taught me how to respect people and their cultures.

I can’t fully express what Eid means to me in words, but I can share that Eid is more than a festival, it’s a celebration of our unity and cultural integrity.”

Eid photos pari

Eid Goes Virtual

Parameshwari Irlanki, an Analyst in the PKF Centra Coast Team shared how her Eid celebrations were a little different this year.

“Eid celebrations became part of my life from the first time I had the exotic taste of Haleem! (Typical foodie, I know!). This year I have celebrated Eid virtually, through many video calls with my super excited best friend! She was in her hometown but still included me in her festivities so I could join the party virtually.

Celebrations started early, with her showing me all the shopping she had done for Eid and “trying” to secretly gift wrap her presents. On the day of Eid, we dressed up in the clothes we had gifted each other.

She made sure to video call me while she was enjoying homemade Kheer and Biryani – while I had to order the same food online… obviously I was jealous! The joyful squeals of children, smiles, cute pouts, warm wishes and baby voices were lovely to witness while they received their Eidi’s (money given to children as a reward and recognition of their observance of Ramadan). Seeing them being part of giving back to the community makes me realise yet again why festivals are so important.”

We want to take a moment to show recognition for the different cultures within our team and the importance of the unity, diversity, and respect we show each other. Thank you to Parameshwari and Anil for sharing your experiences and memories.

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