Michael O’Sullivan, Executive Director

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Having worked for 15 years with PKF Sydney, Australia, Michael specialised in the field of outsourced accounting and financial services. Within this time, he successfully developed and implemented PFK Sydney’s outsourcing business model to a turnover of more than $10Million AUD a year.

Having spent the majority of those years travelling to and from India, Michael realised an opportunity existed for him to start his own company and moved to India permanently in January 2013. He started Talent Formula, (then known as ‘Formula Advisory Network’) in January 2014.

What are you responsible for at Talent Formula? And what do you enjoy most?

I’m lucky enough that my current role gives me the opportunity to work with great people, both externally with clients, and internally with my staff. 

I am heavily involved in helping clients succeed by connecting them with the great talent we have here at Talent Formula. I can enjoy the opportunity of experiencing different cultures and watching them work seamlessly together towards a common goal. Plus, being responsible for attracting and retaining high-quality talent means I get to see how individuals grow, develop, and progress on their journey with us.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since establishing Talent Formula?

Definitely the people. We have a wonderful team at Talent Formula and they are the ones responsible for our success. I love that our clients appreciate that fact as much as I do.

What advice would you give to new potential staff?

I tell all of my potential staff that if they can come into our organisation and do their job well, be a team player and contribute to a positive team culture, then their future will be very bright at Talent Formula.

Which three words best describe you?

Authentic,  trustworthy and hardworking

What’s a fun fact about yourself that others might now know?

My wife Fiona and I moved to India to start Talent Formula and we’ve spent 7.5 years living there so both of our children were born in India during that period.

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